Time for the Hospital Bag…..

So I’m no Pippa, Her hospital bag haul was far more glamorous and full of Clarin’s mini’s! Mine is not so glam!!!

Few Points to note First:
We don’t know the sex of the baby, so lots of white but we (me) have a general White and Grey Star theme going, which if you follow me on Snapchat (@frillyflossy) you will well and truly know by now with the ongoing Nursery Decorating!
I’m a public patient in the Coombe again, but I got lucky last time and got a semi-private ward so I had a fair bit of room! I probably won’t be so lucky this time and will be on a much bigger ward! But I love the chats so I’ll be happy with lots of company….. I hope.

I’m having this baby in Sept. It will most probably be still fairly warm! I’m having an Elective C Section again so I’m packing for the Long Haul & I’m not Listing any Labour essentials like Tens Machines or stuff to throw at your partner!

So Let’s start with the most Important person…….. Me!!!

*2 x Maternity/Nursing Night Dresses. (Grey from Penney’s & Navy from Dunnes)

*3 x Pairs of Navy Pj Bottoms. I got these from George @ Asda Online, they aren’t maternity but I bought 12-14 so they would be big on me and will come right up over my Scar, they’re so soft and Comfortable.


*3 x Hidden Support String Tops. (Penneys)

*8 x Pairs of Fabulous whopper black granny pants that come right up!! You will need these bad boys no matter where the baby comes out of. (Penneys) They could be kept as a means of contraceptive in the future, If you haven’t burned them that is!

*1 x Grey Light 3/4 Length Dressing gown. (Dunnes)

*2 x Nursing Bra’s. (Penneys)

1 pair of Flip Flop Style Slippers. (Penneys)

1 pair of Cheapo Flip Flops for the Shower.

*Big Green Maternity Pads!! (Inhealth.ie)

I have one pack in the bag and one at home to be brought in If I need more. They Are like wearing a mattress but they are necessary….. so very necessary!!!

I’m Bringing Sexy Back!!
*Breast Pads.

*Multi Mam Compresses and Balm for the boobies. (If Intending on Breast feeding apparently these are essential I got mine from Inhealth.ie)

Now for Toiletries and Cosmetics:

*Mini Shampoo & Conditioner

*Shower Gel & Feminine Wipes. (Not recommended for Vaginal birth)

*Mini Tooth Paste & Toothbrush.

*Facial Mist Spray. (The hosp is hot)

*Mini Anti bac hand sanitizer.

*Mini Mint Breath Freshener spray.


*Lip Balm.


*Mini Deodorant.

*Mini Dry Shampoo.

*Micellar Water.

*Make-up Remover Pads.

*Eye Serum. (Thinking I’m Pippa again)

*Small Travel Hairdryer. 

*Hair Brush.

*Bobbins & Hair Band.

*Dark Towel Hair Turban.

I’m bringing a few small pieces of makeup:

*Pippa Palette

*Mascara (Dior)

*Foundation (Armani Luminous Silk) 

*Eyebrow Brush, One Eyeshadow Brush and a Foundation Brush.(Nima and Real Techniques)

If make up is the last thing on your mind absolutely fine! 
If like me popping on some mascara and giving the brows a quick going over would make you feel better again absolutely fine!

If your having someone come in and do a full face including Lashes, again absolutely FINE!!!


Now for the new Arrival!!!
1st Outfit in a little Zip Lock Freezer Bag Ready to go!

I’m Packing a lot of the Stuff into little freezer bags because it’s very handy and I’m sad and pathetically Organised. So Many people do it and Recommend it.

Im bringing all newborn to the hospital. Rebecca was 7 lb 1 at 39 weeks and by all accounts it’s looking like this baby will be similar If not only slightly bigger so I’m doing the same again. I will have lots of 0-3 mths at home ready to be brought in should I need them!

I’m not bringing any baby cardigans for our stay due to the timing. I only had them for Rebecca as it was December!

*Newborn Vest, Babygro Hat & Nappy.

*6 Vests. (mix of short and no sleeve)

*6 Baby grows. (Built in Mittens)

*2 Bibs.

(Mix of M&S, Dunnes and Next)

*6 Muslin Squares. (These are the best invention ever Lidl,Dunnes,Penneys,Ikea)

*2 Hats. (Next)

*2 Cellular Blankets. (Ladybird Littlewoods)

*1 Pack of Water Wipes and 1 Pack of 1st Size Aldi Nappies. 

*Baby Towel If Intending on giving baby a bath in hospital.

*2 Nuk Soothers
***TIP a little bit of Olive Oil in a bottle works a treat on the new baby Tar like poo’s….. trust me***
Rebecca has bought a comforter for the baby and the Baby will be bringing her a little present.

The Very Excited Big Sis with the Babies Pressie 😍

Now a few Miscellaneous Items:

My Own Pillow and a Feeding Pillow. 
I got the Chicco Boppy One on Littlewoods. It was recommend to me and I read a lot of reviews on various sites.It can be used for Bf and Bottle feeding and for Tummy Time…. apparently! 


Snacks, Charger, Little Note Book, A Few Bob & A Small Roll of Bags for sending home any washing!

I got a hold-all/weekend bag for me and a backpack for the baby in Cath Kidson in Kildare Village to hold everything. They were €33 and €18 very Reasonable, roomy and pretty !!

As of Today I have a drawer dedicated to spares that Stephen can grab extra stuff to bring in should we need it!

I will have my outfit for coming home hanging up ready for him to bring in! It’s a pair of White Skinnies, Cami top and wedges …… I’m Joking! Its in fact Black Maternity Leggings, Black Vest Top with a Denim shirt worn open to pop over and my converse!!!

Trying desperately to be Glam while feeling far from it!
And I think that’s the Lot!!
I still have several weeks to go but since I was signed off work with all my ailments I’ve been fairly bored and spent my days buying everything online and ticking them off my lists!!!

So no harm having everything bought and ready to go …..

Come find me…..

Facebook – FrillyFlossy

Snapchat – @frillyflossy

Instagram – @frillyflossy

Author: FrillyFlossy

Grace 31 Year old Mammy to Luke & Rebecca Wife to Stephen. Blog about Grief after Losing my Mam to Cervical Cancer at just 48. Also some Parenting but the odd other little bits ! I love food and cooking and have an Instagram Page dedicated to just that @thegoodthebadthetasty! My Blog Instagram is Frilly Flossy 😘

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