And Now the end is Near…..

Yep that’s right folks the end is so close!

It’s been a fabulous, glamorous, text-book pregnancy……. NOT!

“The Ride is worth the Fall” as they say and soon we’ll have another little person.

The excitement in the house is at an all time high now, especially from the big sister!

She’s also starting “big” school so lots of change and new beginnings here.

But just before our normality  gets turned upside down we had a very special treat.
I had very few proper pictures when pregnant on Rebecca so when given the opportunity to have a bump shoot this time I was all over it.

I didn’t want anything overly cheesy or staged and the fact I know Lou and she felt the same it was a pure pleasure.

Of course little miss “loves to pose” had to be included and I am blown away by the pictures and how Lou has captured such a special time for our little family.
Having this all done in our own house made everything so much more relaxed and easy.

At 9 months pregnant it’s a tad difficult to look or feel in anyway glam so Michelle from Kandigloss came to the rescue and very kindly done my makeup and for the 1st time in a long time I felt like me again. 

So a huge thank you to both ladies for their time and effort. 

I have LC Photography booked now for our newborn pics and I am already so excited about it!

While I’m here I’d like to thank everyone so much for the continued support both on Facebook and Snapchat.
As I said the last few months have not been easy but it’s felt like I had an extended family of support the entire time!

The wind down is officially on now for us but once all is “settled” I hope to be back writing again and sharing the next chapter! September to December is my favourite time of the year and I’ll be throwing myself full force into all the Halloween and Christmas build up (I may have already slightly started).

Most importantly I can drink wine again 😜😜

Come find me…..
Facebook – FrillyFlossy
Snapchat – @frillyflossy
Instagram – @frillyflossy

Author: FrillyFlossy

Grace 31 Year old Mammy to Luke & Rebecca Wife to Stephen. Blog about Grief after Losing my Mam to Cervical Cancer at just 48. Also some Parenting but the odd other little bits ! I love food and cooking and have an Instagram Page dedicated to just that @thegoodthebadthetasty! My Blog Instagram is Frilly Flossy 😘

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