So the “Sunroof” Delivery…

This was my Second Elective Section (Due to a previous pelvic fracture) I don’t think I could ever fully describe just how different both experiences were!!

This occasion was a million times better and I’d almost go as far as to say at times it was an enjoyable experience ,which is what you want the birth of your baby to be!!! I’ve had two previous surgeries on my pelvis so I’m not exactly new to going under the knife but being knocked out in a room before you even see the theatre, is very different to actually walking into a theatre gowned to the hilt and then being fully awake while they get to work!

Since last week I’ve had a fair few questions on Snapchat from Ladies facing a section or just general questions about it. So while it’s still fresh in my head I said I’d pop a few bullet points together that might just help someone else.
Obviously each hospital and Doctor is different so I’m going to try and be as general as possible but both my Csections were in the Coombe which I attended as a fully Public Patient.

*Use your Voice!!!!! Now I would firstly like to say the hospital know what they are doing! These people perform procedures like this daily and they are amazing at what they do! But each person is different and have their own fears and reactions to things! On Rebecca I suffered with low BP so once the spinal went in on my previous section my blood pressure hit the deck! And what followed was puke and lots of it! So Imagine lying still as you are being sectioned but then having to get sick aswell…. fun times!!! I continued to get sick for 3 days and it was hell I got about 2 seconds skin to skin when she arrived and I could barley hold her let alone feed her in the coming days. So this time 5 years on older and wiser it was going to be different.I had even worse low bp this pregnancy so the fear of a repeat was really scaring me! At the pre section appointment with the anaesthetic department I told them everything and how afraid I was and he assured me they would do all they could to stop a repeat! In the room 5 mins before I was brought to theatre I told the nurse again,this was after I had just told Stephen that I had changed my mind and I was going home πŸ˜‚ When I got into theatre I told anyone who would listen and at this stage I was bawling like a baby. But the staff were amazing! they spoke to me every step of the way explaining at each moment what they were doing and when I asked the nurse could I hold her hand during the spinal she said ” No I’ll hold yours” ❀ From that second they constantly monitored my bp and were giving me fluids to avoid any dramatic drop and it worked!! By the time Stephen was in beside me I was Grace again even cracking the odd joke and having the chats with my consultant as she was working. It was all over in a flash and Luke was born. I got skin to skin and we were only separated during recovery for maximum 15 mins, last time it was 2 hours because I was so unwell! I could not thank each member of staff enough from the porters, nurses, midwifes and consultants even the two young medical students who stopped to thank me after for agreeing to let them in to watch! Although I was slightly mortified that they had just seen all my bits even my inside ones and then there I was yapping away to them πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

*TAKE ALL THE DRUGS!!! If they offer it take it and take them on time!!!! You just had fairly major abdominal surgery there is no prize for acting the Martyr! Take the meds you’ll never enjoy a Difene suppository so much!! And when you get home continue to take what has been prescribed for at home. I was sent home with a prescription for 2 Difene per day for 5 days and some paracetamol and that’s been fine but in the hospital I was taking Morphene based pain killers and yes the odd time I may have given a few Geordie Shore cast members a run for their money with my Gurning 😬 Because Im breastfeeding this time I wasn’t offered Tylex which is what I was givin a lot on Rebecca. And Feckin Enjoy the Post Birth Tea & Toast!!
*Get mobile when you can ….but at your own pace!! During your section they will pop a catheter into the wee wee region, I have these dozens of times they are grand! You don’t feel it going in as by that stage your legs are numb and while it’s in you never really notice! Luke was born on wednesday afternoon they took my catheter out Thursday morning and the nurse brought me on a little walk to the door. I tried to get out of the bed and do tiny walks myself building them up gradually and It was perfect! By Friday I walked to the bathroom and had a full Shower on my own I really could have done this Thursday but I was a bit scared! After Rebecca I couldn’t stand without wanting to collapse and Stephen had to lift me into the shower and wash me in the hospital 😒

*Don’t be afraid of the wound! Mine is a fair bit bigger this time but it has been perfectly fine and was the same last time. I have dissolvable stitches and since theFriday  after I was dressing and bandage free as air will help it heal faster! It looks a bit scary and I’m a little bit bruised and at times sore but once you take it handy it’s fine!!

*Keep on top of your Iron!!Have it checked during your pregnancy if it’s low take supplements! I had very low Iron on both of mine. I didn’t do enough to get it up on Rebecca and had it drop very low after, which also explains why I was so weak! There is so many Iron options available and you will find something that doesn’t make you ill. I was taking 2 Galfer a day for 8 weeks and at the end I started to take 2 x 10ml of Floradix daily and I think the Floradix really helped as ‘6 Iron was at a great level post section and I was shocked!! I’m still taking Floradix now as it’s a great tonic ! 

*Time to get sexy!! Sorry no it’s really not πŸ˜‚ Find the big black knickers in Penneys or Dunnes that come right up high near your belly button and buy heaps of them!! They won’t sit on the wound and they hold the even more sexy green mattress pads in place πŸ‘Œ

*There is going to be blood! Now this bit is different for everyone!!!! Last time I had a delayed haemorrhage on Christmas day (Are you starting to question why I ever considered doing this again?) But I knew it wasn’t right a few days after I came home. This time it’s fine it’s day 8 and I’m still bleeding but nothing major. I believe the general rule of thumb is if you are soaking a pad an hour or passing clots bigger than a 2 euro coin you need to be checked for infection. 

*Poo post section without fear! Honestly it’s never as bad as you Imagine. The fear is worse than the reality! I headed in for mine I think 3 days after, terrified and messaging my friend while there for distraction(sorry niamh) and honestly it was grand and I felt great after!!

*Look after yourself! On a Serious note you really have to take it easy, take all offers of help and let yourself recover you’ve just been through major surgery!!Soon you will be back to normal, flying around and wishing you could take advantage of some rest!

*Flash the wound!! If anyone dares pass a smart comment about you taking the “easy” way out or being “too posh to push” deck them or more appropriately flash them your wound ! There is nothing easy about childbirth END OF STORY!! All women no matter how their baby arrives into the world is epic!!!! I would fear the human race could be extinct long ago If our male counter parts had the baby cooking and producing job! 

And that’s all. I’m on the other side now and just madly in love with my Prize 😍😍

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Grace 31 Year old Mammy to Luke & Rebecca Wife to Stephen. Blog about Grief after Losing my Mam to Cervical Cancer at just 48. Also some Parenting but the odd other little bits ! I love food and cooking and have an Instagram Page dedicated to just that @thegoodthebadthetasty! My Blog Instagram is Frilly Flossy 😘

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