All Kinds of Everything…the useful baby bits!!

So My Little man is now 6 weeks old and so far he is as good as gold and we are all of course just Madly in Love with him 😍

compiled some Items we’ve found useful since he came along!<<<<
might help some new or expecting parents or even if your looking for Gift Ideas for a new arrival or baby shower!

Now just to keep it all honest and above board the below is purely just my opinion I was not paid by anyone. However I was sent the Chicco Bouncer by Kings BabyShop and BubbaBaby sent me the Cover.<<<<
nder absolutely no obligation to mention either business or items. If I didn’t like either they wouldn’t be included in this piece.

Kings Baby Shop is based in The North it’s a family run business with 40 years experience offering baby products at UK Prices but with next day delivery to the Republic!!!

Bubbababy is a small Irish Company run by a very clever mammy herself .

So I will probably divide opinion here as I know lots of People swear by them but for us we don’t like Changing Units! We had one on Rebecca and never used it, it was just in the way and gathering dust!

time we got the Malm 6 drawer unit from Ikea and we are using that as his drawers and his changing area!<<<<
ntire drawer has the Ikea separator compartments and the basket has all the Immediate nappy changing essentials to hand.


Malm Dividers

For bathing we use this sponge in the shape of a baby.We got one as a gift on Rebecca and I kinda fobbed it off until we used it, In my opinion it’s a game changer and dirt cheap! We have been using it from the start with Luke! Pop it in your bath and lie the baby on it!

For washing him we are currently still only using emulsifying Ointment & Water in his bath. As he starts to get bigger now we will start using stuff from the Avenno Baby and Childs Farm Ranges. All widely available in pharmacies.<<<<
ie from My Little Babog Recently wrote about the Child’s farm products if you want some info

This Avent Room & Bath Thermometer we have Since Rebecca. It floats in the bath and then can be used in their room it’s so so handy!!

For Getting the baby from the bath & keeping them dry this towel is the business!! You attach it to yourself while your bathing the baby then lift baby onto your chest wrap them up and take it off you! They are warm and cosy and your not fiddling with towels and left soaking wet!! This would defo be a great present!!

ClevaMamma Towel

ies, we are doing the same as we did on Rebecca and using Lidl or Aldi which ever we are closer to when we need some!! We have been using water wipes from the start I bought loads on special while pregnant.

I’m breastfeeding Luke and so far it’s all going so well and I’m really enjoying it !!

The Haakaa Pump is a super and cheap invention stick it on the opposite boob to the one your feeding with and it collects the leakage from the let down! It’s all one piece, super easy to use and easy to clean!! I love this little thing!!!

I’m gonna be honest I only wanted this feeding pillow because it had some grey 🙈 But it’s brill works a treat and can be used for tummy time aswell!!!

Chicco Boppy Feeding Cushiontp://

The Next to Me Crib!! Buy it! my god it’s the best piece of baby equipment ever!! This has made my life so much easier and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

Chicco Balloon Bouncer! It vibrates it plays music and even better it lets you record your voice for 30 seconds to play back to the baby!! It’s comfy, it looks cool and the music isn’t irritating it’s a winner!!!

Now I was slightly Skeptical about the bubbababy cover as I wasn’t sure I would use it much but I was so wrong ! It’s a great thing to have and I love it! So Handy to keep wind and light rain off the baby! Can also be used on trolley seats and as a breastfeeding cover! Another great Present Idea and a really great price for a handmade Item!


Braun Thermometer The most important baby item we ever bought! We got this when Rebecca was a few months old and I couldn’t be without it. It’s worth every cent!!

Wallaboo Car Seat Footmuff/Blanketese are not exactly cheap so I got mine on adverts second hand for €25!’s a safe way to keep baby warm in the car seat as it doesn’t effect the car seat belt-straps with bulky coats or snow suits!!tp://

Muslin Cloths Buy 160 of them and then buy another pack of 3 😂 I use them for baby spit up’s, Boob Leakage and if I need some handy cover while breastfeeding in public.

I got loads at the Aldi baby event but they are sold everywhere!

Milton Portable Soother Steriliser. We had one of these for Rebecca and had one ready before Luke was born. I’m a big advocate for soothers mainly because of the Research that they can reduce the chance of a baby suffering from SIDs. Rebecca had one from the start and her usage reduced gradually with no issues. Her speech is perfect and so are her teeth. Luke has one since night 3 and it caused absolutely no nipple confusion. This little steriliser is attached to my changing bag and always has the a spare soother clean and ready to go.

So ye we have had our wobbly moments and a few sleepless nights but we are all still alive and smiling 😘

Come find me…..

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Author: FrillyFlossy

Grace 31 Year old Mammy to Luke & Rebecca Wife to Stephen. Blog about Grief after Losing my Mam to Cervical Cancer at just 48. Also some Parenting but the odd other little bits ! I love food and cooking and have an Instagram Page dedicated to just that @thegoodthebadthetasty! My Blog Instagram is Frilly Flossy 😘

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